I Help Entrepreneurs Accelerate Success and Fulfillment with Marketing and Coaching

Dear Entrepreneur,

Do you even believe it’s possible to align peace, purpose, and profit in your work?

If you would say “yes but…” (enter some logical excuse) I understand the struggle.

The conflict between the ideal and the I need to… or your beliefs and your bills is real!

I have been on this journey for a while and only recently found a way out.

There’s a difference between looking like a success, having money, and actually being happy. 

I found that I needed to:

  1. Break the addiction to anxiety and stress.
  2. Learn how to process my thoughts and feelings (conscious and unconscious)
  3. Discover how to separate self-worth from circumstances.

Only after those things got better, could I have the mental and psychological energy to focus. To execute my ideas. To choose the clients I wanted. Tap into my creative nature.

Breakthrough in business started after I had all three things in place… Strategy, Clarity, and Capacity…

If you’re feeling stuck, you could be your own worse enemy…

If you want help growing your business, let’s make sure you are not sabotaging yourself!

Create a Great Day!

— Arvell Craig, (last updated, November 1, 2020)


Arvell Craig is a marketing consultant, coach and entrepreneur. Since 2001 he’s been actively helping businesses with digital marketing.

As an early adopter of chatbot technology, Arvell helps companies create chatbot powered sales funnels that lead prospects into interactive conversations and become qualified opportunities.

Outside of work, Arvell is likely found training for a marathon or enjoying life with his wife and daughter in Phoenix, AZ.

Chatbots Funnels was created to accelerate the lead generation efforts of brands and marketers by integrating conversational marketing into their strategy.