A False Balance is an Abomination

Your need for balance is an abomination. 

A false virtue sucking the life out of real progress and growth.

Motivated by fear and scarcity with the underlying story (lie) that “IF I don’t keep juggling all these balls they will soon crash and my life will be destroyed.”

Have you heard the story about the juggling of balls?

That many of us juggle many balls and responsibilities… some being glass, and some (especially our work) being rubber? 

“You can drop the rubber, but don’t drop the glass.”

But how about this…

What if you just sit half the balls down.

Even the glass ones for a season.

And you focused on 2 balls for say 3 months.

No. Don’t just focus. 

How about relentlessly giving inordinate attention to the areas that need to grow. Areas in which IF successful will make everything else easier or unnecessary. 

If you’re a fan/reader of the Onething, you know where I got that last line.

I recently heard a line from Alex Hormozi comparing growth vs maintenance. 

He said how growth doesn’t come from doubling the effort as maintaining. But it could be 10-20x more effort to move the needle. 

Unfortunately, if we are always trying to “balance” 3, 4, 5, 6 priorities in life, we NEVER put forth the effort to make a real change. 

And without real change, there’s no reciprocal or spill over benefit in other areas of life. 

“We are kept from our goal, not by our obstacles, but by clear paths to lesser goals” – Dr. Ben Hardy quoting someone else. 🙂 

Trying to stay balanced is will constantly keep distractions and lower goals in front of you.

If there was an emergency, you wouldn’t worry about balance, right?

You would do whatever necessary for a period of time. 

So how can we have the same mentality in seasons of focus and sacrifice the sake of growth, and not survival?

That’s my encouragement to you. 

Be careful of your view or value of balance… it might be limiting belief. 

Create a Great Day!


The title of this article comes from the Bible, Proverb 11:1. For some reason that verse has always stood out to me. “A false balance is an abomination to the Lord.”

It speaks of dishonesty. Trickery. Lying for personal gain. So this article is no way, the same idea. However, I do appreciate the strong use of the word: “abomination.” 

I personally get angry when I discover I’m living or following a limited belief. 

Sometimes it takes a level of indignation to make a change. 



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