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AI Communities


AI tools I use almost daily

Augment is a personal AI assistant that integrates into your MacOS. It sees your screen and everything you see. SO THAT … it can recall anything you’ve done or seen.

This includes transcribing and summarizing Zoom/Google calls.

In addition, Augment can create instant summaries of anything on the screen. This includes articles, emails, Slack, or Discord channels.

There are many other features, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Go ahead and try it out.

Mem is for note taking generative AI…

If you are into the PKM world and use tools like Notion, Evernote, Obsidian, or RoamResarch… or if you just use OneNote or App Notes, I recommend you try

  1. MemX (with ai) automatically surfaces related notes while you are writing notes one.
  2. MemX can automatically generate more content, rewrite, summarize or expand your notes with ChatGPT ish power.
  3. MemX “Chat” and summarize topics that you’re already written about based on it’s knowledge.
  4. Notes can be added via Zapier, SMS, Email, and many others. is like ChatGPT with links and references for all of its ideas. For me, this gives instant trust and credibility to the results.

For example, see the results when asking “how to go viral on LinkedIn.”