STRATEGIC marketing coaching & support

Fall 2020 Program Starts Thursday, October 1st

Note: Early Bird Pricing Available ONLY THIS WEEK.

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Let's market something meaningful this Holiday 2020

First... You get two services in the first 60 days that are worth over $3,000

1. We will make sure you have a comprehensive Black Friday Marketing Funnel

-- Built in either Wordpress of ClickFunnels. 

-- Design a squeeze page (landing page) and a lead magnet. 

-- Set up a sales page that presents your main offer and benefits or invites visitor to a demo or consult. 

-- Finish with a thank you page with an integrations with your email provider (CRM) and includes tracking for Facebook or Google Ads conversisons.

2. I'll help you drive 200 of your ideal prospects to the funnel we just built

-- These prospects will either come from your email list of contacts

-- or We can setup and tap into a retargeting list built on your existing traffic and audiences, 

-- or your prospects will come from new audiences targeting from a Faceboook ad campaign. 

I will coach and help through which ever option you want.

Next... On a weekly and monthly schedule, the program will steadily provide these six things which normally would cost around $2000 PER  month!

1. Monthly Kick-Off Calls

Let's go over your plans and the results you want to create.

2. Strategic Support Calls

When you have strategy questions, schedule 1-strategy call per week.

3. Funnel / Campaign Review

Send me updates on your funnel or campaign structure and we will  provide guidance.

4. Technology Troubleshooting

When you have tech issues, send us a loom and we'll reply back with suggestions to solve them.

5. Accountability

We will keep you accountable to stay on task with each week's KPIs.

6. Behind-the-Scenes Trainings

Watch exclusive behind-the-scenes details from our campaigns. 

Plus Get ADVANCED Access

Our Chatbot Funnels Masterclass ($1997) is also included to all clients wanting to use conversational marketing and chatbots with their marketing strategy.


Committed to Launch members may receive additional monthly insights, case studies, bonus resources to help you become productive and profitable.

Your price is only a fraction of the value

How to Get Started

Pay $100 for the first 14-days

Step 1 - Select Your Program

Early Adopter Disclaimer

This program is still in development, and will be priced between $997 and $1997 per month. As an "early adopter" you will receive the first edition, with perhaps some rough edge, but will pay over 70% below the official price. 

If you are new to business or marketing, this might not be a good program for you. 

This program is COACHING and STRATEGY and SHARPENING what you already know. We are not teaching your basic of marketing. But helping you quickly overcome challenges and launch your product successfully. 

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