Do We Grow From Contenting?

(Yes, I just created that word, “contenting”.)

Most people in the online business world understand the phrase, “content is king”.

That phrases describes the value of putting out content - whether words (a blog), images(e.g. flickr), videos(you know who), micro-phrases(twitter), or whatever ever else we use to communicate online with.

To put out valuable or funny information that is tied to us, has the potential to add an additional avenue by which people online can find us, learn about us, interact with us, and eventually buy from us.

(Thus this is ONE model for social media and/or search engine marketing.)

Now back to my above question, Do We Grow From Contenting - or from continually putting out content?

I ask this question because I wonder, how can we grow if we are always the one speaking? How can we develop ourselves if we are always putting out content but not consuming other’s views? I wonder if we are plateauing and becoming outdated and irrelevant with every post we write.

Perhaps this is over analyzing. But it’s a question I have to ask as I commit myself to blogging 3 times a week for this entire year.

Conclusion: My only assumption of a way out is IF people interact with our content, adding to it, questioning it publicly and creating a dialogue, only then will we have reason reflect, change, and grow.

Comments would be appreciated ☺