Investing & Partnering with High Ticket Businesses


We create marketing campaigns to bring in new cash flow and sales with the partner company’s existing products, resources, and audiences. We take care of everything on behalf of our partner — acquiring the leads, completing the deals until closing. It is of course the partner company’s responsibility to take good care of its new customers.

No upfront deposits or recurring billing. You only pay after funds hit your stripe account.


We’ve discovered how to reposition offers and pin point massive opportunities within company e-mail lists, groups, webinars and social media. These opportunities are always tested on high-margin offers, with little to no risk.

We protect our partner’s reputation. We deflect their time and energy costs. We handle all the writing and sending on behalf of our partner.

If we decide to find additional traffic partners or use untapped channels like direct mail, we will pay all related costs from our own pocket — prints, letters, stamps, postage, etc. Our company will fund and train a sales team on behalf of each partner.

It is the partner’s responsibility to deliver the product/service with excellence and to pay the agreed commission fees on time.


Your company must meet the following:

  • Excellent customer satisfaction
  • Customer list of at least 100 people (low or high ticket buyers)
  • An email list or audience of at least 5,000 people
  • A product/service worth at least $2500

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