Making Money While You Sleep…?

“Internet marketing is the only business where you work 20 hour days in order to ‘make money while you sleep’”.


Yesterday (a few months ago now) I heard that statement from a very successful internet marketer. I was blown away. What happened to the rich beach bums, passive income and 4-hour work weeks??

It was a short Skype conversation that I will be forever grateful for. After making that statement – he elaborated a bit by saying if you really want to be successful quickly – work a few 100 hour weeks and you’ll be on the right path.

The principle that he was trying to explain was that it will take hard work upfront. And you should not only do it, but do it quickly!

Success will take experiences, trials and failures. But you can squeeze months or years worth of experiences in to a few weeks if you are intensely committed to your goal.

Most of people will constantly think, study, discuss, plan, research… think some more, plan more, investigate more… but never act.

Please don’t be like most.