Optimize Your Life for Happiness

I posed a question to myself:

What if I optimized my day for happiness instead of income? 

How would I structure my day differently if my work choices were aimed first on what makes me feel alive, and secondarily on generating revenue?

For me… making money helps to bring peace and security.

And spending money helps create meaningful experiences.


What if I could feel happy, feel peace, feel security, just by thinking differently?

How would that change how we work?

My two takeaways:

1. Prioritizing happiness and peace from my thoughts and not income was strange. And it caused me to detach a bit.

I began detaching my feelings from my circumstances and it sometimes felt like a lie. Or that I was procrastinating. I felt like I was ignoring the part of me that is normally stressed and takes action to avoid possible danger.

When someone asks ” how are things” or “how’s life or business” — my normal response is to think about sales and revenue. But this month I started to change that… and I feel like it’s a challenge to overcome.

2. Feeling more happiness and joy caused me to think differently.

Planning my day from a state of happiness, as supposed to stress in hopes of money… this opened up my creativity in a different way.

I leaned more on my strengths instead of grinding it out… doing ‘whatever it takes.’ I delegated tasks more and leveraging my strengths and talents.

This made work more successful and satisfying for all.

Besides that, I slept better.
I stressed less.
And woke up more rested than normal.

Now for you…

Most people don’t realize happiness, joy, and peace cannot really be created from external success or money. Yet, it’s what many of us spend most of our energy on.

Success first > happiness second ???

Try swapping the order and seeing how much more enjoyed and profitable work can be.

That’s all I got.

Create a Great Day!

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