Remove Your Filter, Impact Your World

Check it: Many people who are creative and speak their minds freely do so because they think they have a perspective that is so unique others will be mesmerized and blown away. But in reality, I think their true uniqueness and independent thoughts are filtered to what would really touch the masses.

We think if we honestly expressed what we felt, not enough people would identify with us, and thus we would be rejected. However, here’s a different thought. What if we did not filter our true feelings to save face or to be politically correct. Could we actually touch to the core, the people who truly resonate with us?
FYI: This post was inspired by an interview of Seth Godin and Merlin Mann talking about Bob Dylan.

See: In the world we live in – technology allows niche ideas to spread fast and inexpensively. Social media can help one person find the 0.00001% of the world who relate to them – connect – and get enough support for their business or ministry to last a lifetime. So I challenge you to remove the filters that water down your message and see the bonds to your customers / supporters become even stronger.