It’s a new day.

And if I want to get better in the areas I value, i.e. writing, prayer, family time, etc., I need to do it daily

Yes, yesterday could have been glorious. I may have hit the ball out the park, but today still needs it’s due.

For example, you can’t workout twice as long yesterday and think today makes no difference. You can’t sleep 14 hours one day and take the next day off. You can’t spend extra time with your family one day in order to ignore them the next. It won’t balance out. 

Now, I know we all must make due in whatever ways we can, but the goal here isn’t about describing ways to make due. No need to explore strategies to get around what’s really important. Compromise can be imagined without any external encouragement. 

But the goal here is to know (1) what is really important and (2) give daily attention to that area in order to honor it and develop our skills.

Looking for shortcuts and compromises prove it’s not important. It’s really not a value. Real values have a cost, and when you really think about what your life is about, you gladly pay the price. 

Even more, what is a price to one person is a pleasure to the next. 

We need to remind ourselves sometimes that today’s sacrifice will be worth it in the end. 

In the words of Steven Covey, we’re beginning with the end in mind. 

Everyday, make decisions based on the desired end and you’ll not only be pleased with the outcome, but you’ll likely enjoy the journey as well.

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If it’s important – DO IT DAILY!

Do It Daily Manifesto

Values. Priorities. And Importance.
Below are some words I wrote about true commitment.

I call it, “If It’s Important – Do It Daily”.

In 2014 I began running marathons. It wasn’t a plan, dream or goal. But about 12 months prior I was hating my business and wanted to escape. One day I decided to do like Forest Gump… and I ran!

When started our a a few miles a day, eventually turned into a full 26.2 mile marathon. And then in the following 2 years I ran a total of 5 marathons and then an ultra marathon.

In those years of training and racing many things transformed in me. At first it was just my body, weight and endurance. But eventually it affected my discipline my perspective about what was possible to achieve.

Eventually I realized that true change and growth happens when commitment is given and displayed on a daily basis. Before this process of training 6 days a week for 16 weeks in a row did I really understand the benefits of discipline doing something every single day.

If you really want to see growth and change in your life, consider following the statements below. I promise you will faster and stronger change than you ever have!

If it’s important – do it daily. 

If it’s important – do it early. 

If it’s important – do it without multitasking.

If it’s important – study and learn to do it better.

If it’s important – don’t quit after failure. 

If it’s important – your checkbook should show it. 

If it’s important – prove it with actions and not words.

If it’s important – your closest friends could testify to it. 

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Do It Daily Poster Manifesto

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