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The 10 Irrefutable Laws of Cold Email Prospecting

This year I've had the fortune of traveling and speaking at a number of marketing conferences.

My core topics for 2017 have been on "cold email" and "chatbot marketing".

Today I wanted to share a workshop entitled, The 10 Irrefutable Laws of Cold Email Prospecting.

You might want to watch the video if...

1. You are involved in business development or outbound sales
2. You regularly send emails that are ignored
3. You have a purchased list of emails and not sure how to message them
4. You spend a lot of time on Linkedin trying to get business

Here are some specific things you could learn from the talk:

-- The truth about what is legal and not legal when it comes to SPAM laws
-- How to craft an email message with a high probability of response
-- Why you should never use a standard email marketing program (mailchimp/constant contact) for cold email
-- My recommended platforms sending cold prospecting emails

( This talk was about 19 minutes.)

Do you have a project needing a cold email strategy?