The Perfect Book for Thanksgiving (or for a thankful mindset)

Hey there!

Arvell here with an important message.

Especially on Thanksgiving.

I know holidays are times of relaxation and guilt free gluttony.

Football. Friends. Family. ✓

But if we’re honest, there’s also a temptation to think about all the things we wish were different.

Expectations of others.
… hopes about ourselves?

It’s natural, if you have standards, dreams, or ideals to compare how things are right now to how you wanted them to be.

No amount of gratitude or positive thinking will change that different. The gap is real if you’re being honest.

But Friend, let me draw you a picture.

That ^ picture summarizes the gist of a new book: The Gap and The Gain in a book by Dan Sullivan.

As I was saying earlier, it’s honest, common, and normal to MEASURE your today, with your ideal or your goal. But that perspective will ALWAYS be a GAP.

And putting your happiness/thankfulness in the GAP will ALWAYS be disappointing. Discouraging.

It may be true, but definitely not helpful.

Just as true is measuring your today with where you started.

There can always be a GAIN when you look that direction.

Seeing your GAINS creates gratitude. And thankfulness. Honestly. Naturally.

Are you in the GAP or the GAIN Friend?

Your answer is directly connected to your happiness.

Comparing your family situation with other people? Or how you wish it was? There’s no upside to that.

But where in your life are things truly better? Health? Home? A new friendship? Have you ever had a struggle around the holidays and now you don’t?

I’m sure there are places where you’ve gained…THAT’S where a happy/healthy/grateful mind come from.

Quoting the book:

“Being in the GAIN means you measure yourself backward, against where you were before. You measure your own progress. You don’t compare yourself to something external. You don’t measure yourself against your ideals.”

  • When you’re in the GAP, you’re avoiding “here” while trying to get “there”—but never actually arriving “there.”
  • When you’re in the GAIN, you’re completely free and happy right now. This enables you to commit 100 percent and pursue what you want without unhealthy attachments.

You get it?

No matter what’s happening or not happening you can honestly be thankful.

So why not? 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving friend.

Love you.

Create a Great Day!
Arvell Craig

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