What’s your “Anti” Word for the Year?

Happy New Year!

I hope you are refreshed and ready to live your best life!

Let’s GO!

( …if not now, then when? )

I wholeheartedly support any and every endeavor to pursue positive change.

So many people poo poo on new years’ resolutions as if it’s better to what… do nothing? Stay the same? I don’t get it.

So whether you call it resolutions or goals, it’s all just a matter of language. Whether you choose to reset them once per year, once per quarter, month or week, I think it’s a good practice.

A New Type of Yearly Practice

Today I want to share a new type of practice for shaping your year. In the last few years, many people talk about choosing a “word” for the year. A positive value or character trait to embody.

You know… like ‘courage’ or ‘consistency” or ‘clarity’ (no, I’m not saying your word needs to start with a ‘c’) LOL.

You get the idea.

But the other day as I was thinking of the power of words… it hit me that the power of negative or debilitating words is almost more powerful than brand-new positive words.

Think about it…

Old negative words are old family members. Whether we agree with them or not, they have a history. They are familiar and easy to accept. However, they may hinder you from the progress or growth you want.

Wouldn’t it be more powerful to eliminate an unhealthy/limiting word, than add a new word?

I challenge you to come up with your own “anti” word.

Choose a word (or phrase) that you say to yourself often. One that inhibits you from feeling or acting or being the person you want to be. Can you see the difference between the person you were being last year from the person you want to be??

Can you list any distinctions or differences?

Instead of listing all the qualities, you WANT… think is core / key unproductive quality that you want to STOP thinking/being.

Some words you may want to consider are: “I can’t”, “I don’t know” “stuck”, “what if” or “think might not work” … idk.

( You really need to take some time with yourself. We all know our own habits and history best… )

When I posted this on Facebook, a few people responded with these words: “should” another said, “overwhelm.”

(technically, that last one was me)

The Power Sentence that Runs Your Life

A few weeks ago, my wife and I attended Life Coach Live, with Brooke Castillo. One of her initial lessons was finding the power sentences that run your life. She said that each of us has a recurring phrase or thought that drives our actions.

If that sentence wasn’t put there on purpose, it’s likely an automatic limiting belief driving us. But unless we stop, journal and process, we may never notice it.

Friend, I don’t know what words or phrases are driving your life, but I encourage you to identify any words that lead you to avoid risk or return to your comfortable past, and remove them. Any words that keep you repeating the past, instead of stepping into your bigger future.

Find your “anti” word for the year.

Pay attention when it comes to mind and proactively choose to say and do the opposite.

Since my word is “overwhelm” – I not only stop myself from saying or thinking it… I have also come up with an opposing thought, which goes something like:

“I am a leader who can manage multiple projects. If I choose to take this on, it will be handled with excellence.”

See how that works?

I will take a position of power and clarity to accept or not accept any opportunity. And if I’ve taken it on, that which I used to call “overwhelm” is not identified as the feeling of ‘responsibility.

Overwhelm is no longer in my vocabulary.

What about you?

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