3 Reasons To Quit Your Job

So the other day I was speaking to a friend. She was giving me her weekly spew of work place horrors. But then the conclusion was something like, “perhaps I just need to suck it up and endure. I might even be getting a nice raise in a few months.” —- Woo?

Now there are many reason to stay at a job. But money isn’t! Now, don’t get me wrong, I fully understand — money is necessary. Money is critical.

But so is water. And air. And sleep. So I’m not going to suggest you live for some higher purpose and stop eating or sleeping for days on end.

But what I am saying is there should be something else about the work for other than money.To me there needs to be at least one or more of these 3 attributes included in your work. If not, you should start planning your escape.

1. You work with people you love. And they seem to love you more!My wife works with people who genuinely care for her. And its almost weird, but very good. The most grueling job can be worth it when the people you work with add joy to your life.

2. Your main activities at work align with and use your greatest strengths and passions. Which would you rather do:

A. Be an intern or mentee for your most admired professional; using the actual skills you wish to perfect over your career? Or

B. Make a “nice” salary working 80 hours a week for people who hate you, doing stuff you don’t care about.3. Your work is doing something, serving a purpose or mission that deeply aligns with your highest values.

You might not make a lot of money, you might not really love your coworkers. But when the things you are doing or accomplishing makes the struggling all worth it; that is a job worth keeping.Conclusion: Of course our life isn’t a utopia. And if you’re over 25 years old you know you very rarely get everything you want in life.

But I do think that we should keep the idea in front of us that we do have options. We can chose to do what we love if we’re open to making less for a season. We can leave an unhealthy work relationship. We can live for something other than just sucking air…Our jobs get more dedicated time of our life than almost any endeavor. And so we need to take control of it and not settle forever.