7+ Reasons Why People Care

Slackers like me don’t need time managment techniques, anti-procrastination coaching, or motivational speakers to pump us up. We just need to care. 

If we actually cared about what we were doing, we’d have inner drive pushing us to completion. However, we instead run from urgency to crisis; and then to other people’s priorities instead of our own.

So if all we need to do is actually care about what we’re trying to do or want to do, how do start caring? 

I have list here of a few things that I think cause people to give-a-rip about a given thing. 

   1. Law (I need to care because if I don’t God or the government will punish me)

   2. Pride (I need care because it will make me feel important or special)

   3. Principle (I need to care because it is the right thing for me to do)

   4. People (I need to care because it will make me look good to others)
   5. Achievement (I need to care because I’ve been dreaming about this for so long)

   6. Pain-Avoidance (I need to care because not caring hurts too much)
   7. ? (I didn’t come up with a seventh, do you have one?)

Please let me know your thoughts and add to the list if you don’t mind?