Life Altering Lesson on Struggle, Seasons, & Expecting the Unexpected

A friend of mine, Chris Busch shared powerful concept last month at a luncheon. He also wrote a short article on his blog on the same topic called: ”Wired for Struggle.”

The idea was simply that by nature, humans a born with a mind, body and reflexes to handle, adjust to and overcome all types of struggle. However, most use countless energy trying to avoid struggle, or think it as wrong or bad when in difficulty.

I would add the point, that when we dream of success or when we see heroes or celebrities we think that along with their envious life is the reduction or elimination of struggle.

A few days ago, my wife and I were discussing our expenses over the past 5 months or so, and she made a statement like the overages in certain months didn’t count since they had unexpected events that caused extra spending.

I initially agreed, but then thought a bit more and realized the statement was based on false reality. That being, unexpected events are rare and should not be factored in. This idea is likely the major cause of our budgeting mishaps. We hadn’t planned on the unexpected. 

We lay out of needs, wants, desires, bills, etc and forget the unexpected things ALWAYS happen!

Struggles happen. Crisis occur. Maybe not weekly or monthly, but they happen.

Expecting to live without struggle or unanticipated expenses is fantasy. 

My friend Chris, also shared these simple words: “bubbles burst.” We can ride the waves of a momentum of success, but that is bound to end. 

King Solomon put it this way,(Ecc.3:1-2 paraphrased) “There is a time and season for everything. A time to live and die, to plant and uproot, for war and peace.”

Let me state it a little stronger this way to my Christian friends: to pray the prayer of faith, rebuking the darkness or condemning the drought, will not cause the situation to change if that is the season you’re in. Take the life of Joseph. With foreknowledge of a drought he didn’t fight it, but prepared. 

Perhaps, good times are for preparation, leading to prosperity during bad times?

There needs to be a lifestyle of preparation for the unexpected. 

There needs to be an attitude of courage instead of discouragement when difficulties occur. 

How do you prepare for the unexpected seasons of struggle or difficulties? 

Here are some of my initial thoughts: Life, auto, health and home insurance… savings, budgeting… time management…  sowing good seed… filling our spouses love tank, etc. A great book on realtionships and networking by Harvey Mackay is “Dig Your Well Before Your Thirsty.”

What other ways can you think of? Please share you ideas below: