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An Inspired Flow | The Rise of Superman | EPISODE 5 of Building, Growing and Becoming

Show Notes & Links:

1. “The Rise of Superman” – By Steven Kotler :
2. My SEO/Social Media Article – Seo vs. Social
. Relevant But Not Subsequent:


I want to be relevant and not subsequent.

I will be empathetic and understanding of this world that I live in.
I will not be ignorant or outdated — blind to changes and evolutions of how society is changing.

And so I SnapChat and Instagram. I take selfies and I buy WarbyParkers… I’m fine with doing as the cool kids do, because like the Apostle Paul said… I become all things to all people that I might win some.

But I don’t want to be subsequent.
Being one who follows after, redefines their values and ethics into the forms of the accepted and acceptable and political — the familiar and the popular and carrying absolutely no real identity.
Can I be in it, but not of it?

I participate to an extent, but I know where my boundaries lie.

They fall down to places where laces of shoes should never touch – less it causes a forfeiting of my soul.

Can I be immersed and immeshed into the Matrix, and yet remain distinct. An ambassador representing a superior kingdom but never acting superior.

Relevant but not Subsequent.