Conversations re: finances, future and the fear of what if

Today I had some interesting conversations. 

The first guy is like me in many ways. Age, industry of work, entrepreneurial and family, etc. However, his core time is towards and income comes from a job, while mine is in/for my business.

While my company provides freedom, his job gives him security.

A few hours later I’m meeting with a financial professional. He throws out a few lines about investments and retirement and ends with a phrase like, “having money set aside will provide you the freedom to live a certain life style.”


If I put both of these ideas together… I can give up my freedom and have financial security now, and then have freedom when I retire. Isn’t that what most people do?

Or I can just keep living and as I have been. Keep enjoying freedom, but what happens when I can’t work anymore? 

I guess that question, that fear is how insurance and financial guys make their money. Helping people avoid the fear concerning the what if’s of the future.

But I’m not hatin… There’s legitimacy to planning. There’s wisdom in preparations. But I do think we would all do well to look with eyes wide open regarding what we’re really giving up for either freedom or security or to avoid fear. 

Many people pay dearly to abdicate the responsibility of their future. We give our lives to another and expect them to bear the weight of our lives. We’re putting trust in companies, government or even ourselves when non of these things are infallible.