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Divine Dichotomy

The Monday Morning Devo for January 19, 2015.

"I am looking for the voice of the Lord. Like Joshua crouching near the edges of the tent of meeting. Eavesdropping on Moses' private conversations of complaint and confession. Looking up, peering at the clouds as they move into position. Fearless about the thunder and lightening that scare away those whose affections are placed only on this life.

My arms have felt the breeze of the Spirit erecting the follicles of the hair on my skin. The eyes of my heart are witnesses to a beauty that language cannot define. I have seen and tasted. And yet you do not want me or need me to camp out and get lost in your presence.

To die is to be with Christ, but your gain is that I live. And so, that is what I do.

Presently I am in the midst of recognizing a divine dichotomy -- the hunger to be with God and the feeling that God desires us to be in and fully with the world.

It's a longing for heaven but a realization heaven is wanting people like us mingling and excelling with the people of the earth. Especially those who do not know Him.

I feel like our destiny is found in an obedience of entering into the affairs of plain old carnal man and women---and as we enter in and love the ones we interact with, this is the worship God is desiring.

Fully embracing the circumstances and situations God sovereignly allows us to step into ---

Accepting each day and moment as a thing of beauty and grace. To be received with gratitude and thanksgiving opens our spiritual eyes to the potential to make each moment eternally significant.

May you live this day and this week, walking in the Spirit with the spirit full of the spirit however you can express it however Christ ordains the path of your life to flow.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

Arvell Craig