Don’t Wish, Just Care

I’ve got 6 hours left before I head out on vacation. 

The honey do list is still unfinished, I’m hungry for something greasy and have at least two unfullied client promises are on my mind as well. 

And yet, there is this other thing ‘I wish’ I could do.

Goals and tasks are a pretty more tangible. 

Faith, dreams and even hopes are metaphysical but yet have strong impact on the realities of our daily life. 

But what about ‘wishes’? 

I can’t think of any scriptural references and personal development tactic that uses them. 

Adult Children

Who uses wishes? 
Disney? Rosa Royce? Kindergarteners?

What are the practical uses of wishes?
Blowing out birthday candle? Splitting a turkey bone?

More often than I’d like to admit, my mind uses the phrase, I wish for this or I that… And yet the concept is purely based in the imagination and reality of children.

And with that, those simple words rarely make my DO anything. 

The only reason I’m wishing and not planning or acting is because it must be something that can’t be done. 

I don’t wish to put gas in the car. 

I don’t wish to go the bathroom. 

So why am I wishing for more time to do that stuff that really matters?

Cursing Wishes

So just now I took the iniatitive to curse my wish. 

Instead of wishing and thinking woe is me who has no time. 

I take the time and write. 

I’m taking the time to work on my little goal, my little aspiration though I think I don’t have the time.

When I hear my mind say I wish, it reminds me I’m not in reality.

Don’t Wish, Just Care

I never wish to work out any more. I work out. 

Yes, I have conviction and motivation… but I have it for other areas as well. 

So what separates the working out from the say, learning French, working 80 hours a week or writing a book every year? 

I care

In my reality of today, I care right now. 

And so right now, I do what I really want to.

I need to let pain push me, if insipration isn’t pulling me.

I need to let the “I wish” thought remind me I’m living a lie and my time is running out. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts, disagreements or comments. Please share below: 

– Arvell Craig