Faith Is


Faith is a spiritual substance. Not physical matter. You can’t feel it or hold it in your hand, but when you have it, you know you have it.

It’s not confidence, that’s an emotion.

It’s not belief, that’s a conscious perspective.

(Well… technical faith resides inside of belief.. but the two still aren’t the same.)

Faith is a substance, something you can possess or not possess.

It’s a gift you obtain from time spent with God.

Faith lives. It’s not a positive or hopeful point of view, but an active witness pursuing realization.

It’s trying to do something. Edging those who have it to move their feet.

It wants you to let it lead you.

Faith exists and see things outside of the limitations of physical reality.

It moves mountains.

It knows God’s words and his will.


Faith is not God.

You can have belief, hope, love, positive expectations but not have God.

(Yes, God is love, but everything you/we call love has nothing to do with who or what God is)

Faith is not your answer. God is.



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