Fulfilling Your Potential vs. Fulfilling Your Calling

Would you say these two are the same thing?

I don’t.

Here are a few reasons. Potential is a concept and measurement of human ability. It normally describes what someone could possibly achieve by accepting every opportunity.

The problem with pure potential fulfillment is that’s its normally looked at thru an earthly perspective, not a heavenly one. Potential says that Michael Jordan could not ‘only’ be a great basketball player, but if retired right at his peak instead coming in and out- he could have trained harder and maybe became an ok major league baseball player – instead of the mediocre minor league player he was. Potential says that your calling is not enough. It says that not only can you do what God wants you to do, but you can do more!! You can ALSO write books by transcribing your sermons. You can ALSO travel every other weekend if invited. You can ALSO get a TV show since hey, you’ve got a huge following, your books are selling, and you need to strike while the fire is hot!!

Seeking to maximize your potential, assumes God needs it in order to work through you. It assumes that your DNA is synonymous with God’s will and plan. It assumes that quantity and quality are the same. Lastly, one who lives totally to fulfill their human potential can turn into a Matthew 7:21 individual who stands before God listing all of their accomplishments for God unbeknowing that they never had an intimate relationship nor received personal instructions. —-/

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