Grace vs. Mercy Living

God is so good, that for most of us, we can’t recognize whether we are living by his grace or in his mercy.

God rains on the just and the unjust. God provides blessings on the sinner to show his goodness and draw them to repentance. God blesses the Christians as a father simply loving his children and wanting their desires to be satisfied.

The grace of God is his power working in our life to do what we cannot do. It is an enabling ability activated by humility or acknowledged weakness. It brings glory to the Son as we declare: because of his death and resurrection, not our gifts and talents or preparation — we do the good things that we do.

Mercy is a love covering that protects us from natural consequences of disobedient living. Mercy can become an illusion of grace because our selfish actions do not invoke negative results. Rather the praises from people makes us feel a confirmation that our life is right and good. 

The only difference I think I know of the two is that mercy will one day run out, but not grace. God is long suffering. Much more than any human. Much more than 100 men combined. So if we were to test out this difference we could go our entire lives and never know which we were living on. 

I pray that you never try. 

I pray that I don’t try!!

But one last point. 

As I look at theses two aspects of God’s love, I see one other clue. 

Mercy functions over the efforts of a strong and driven will rejecting imminent wrath. Grace works over weak flesh and a yielded heart empowering spiritual fruit to be produced. 

Only you know which is truly driving your life.