H.A.B.I.T. How Arvell Became Incredibly Talented :)


Do you want to become something or someone completely different?

Two things happened to me in the late 90’s the forever changed me —

And a third happened just this year. 

First, I became a Christian. I went from simply acknowledging God existed to adopting the values and beliefs of the Bible. I made Jesus, lord of my life: past, present and future; and began communicating with Him on a somewhat regular basis.

Second, I started reading books that told me I could have stuff and do things I never thought possible. I heard stories of how others developed traits and characteristics greater than what came factory installed.

Over the past fifteen years, those two events still impact the core of who I am. My relationship with God is a constant influence on my motives, values, goals and sense of accomplishment.

Books I’ve read, exposed me to realities that exceed my experiences. My interpretation of human potential is colored by learning of people who came from backgrounds worse than mine with flaws more debilitating yet still achieved amazing things. 

And now, here’s my latest game changer…

The Transformational Power of Habit 

Habits are kin to goal setting and maintained by discipline. Habits are promoted because they can convert positive behaviors into automatic actions. But I’ve never been able to stick with anything challenging long enough to develop a new (positive) habit. 

That was until late last year when I decided to run a marathon. 

Something about the terror and excitement of running a marathon married me to the process. I never planned on developing new habits, I just wanted to train enough to finish strong. After running 6 days a week for 16 weeks, I was hooked.

I was hooked and even greater than that, it made me a different person

Yeah, the process and commitment not only developed the habit of running long distances, but it changed me.  I am not the same person I was eighteen months ago.

The way I eat and sleep, how I think about health and my body have all changed.

Even more, the way I think about possibilities and accomplishments, growth and development have crossed over from a realm of theory and philosophy to conviction.

I have conviction and revelation about the power of habit and the value of doing something everyday.   

So if you are goal setting or thinking about creating habits, try to imagine the unimaginable… a completely new you!

You have no idea what commitment with follow-through will do to you. You will not only do something amazing, you’ll become somebody incredible!