Love Does by @bobgoff – Book Review


Love Does by Bob Goff

This is the fifth book for my weekly Wednesday book review

Let me mention first, this book wasn’t on my original list. And I’m thinking about making additional changes with the remaining items. I think removing the fiction books and replacing them with non-fiction will better fit with this blog. Not that I don’t love many of the fiction books I’ve read, but when I think of what I hope the purpose behind what I share here, the fiction ones don’t really add to that. 

So anyway, let’s get on with it. 

Love Does is an incredible book.

Incredible because it is a Christian book that could be read and enjoyed by almost any person of any religion. It is written with a disarming sincerity and gentleness. 

Incredible because it is filled with amazing and hilarious stories that you wouldn’t believe could be true. The stories will move you and inspire you to live with adventure and compassion. It may also cause you to question long held beliefs that are limiting and restricting. 

As the title states, the book is about what love does, as compared to what a person believes or thinks. In fact, the author begins almost every chapter with a statement about what he first understood about God or Christianity, and then goes into an new learned understanding. A reality that is more fun, more freeing, more accepting and more… loving. 

As far as takeaways, I don’t really have any. Though the book was filled with simple ideas that you could put in your mental pocket, to me the overarching idea was the main benefit.

If you read this book, you will see God as bigger, better and more loving than you’d ever imagined. If your heart is open, you will be inspired to do something, in the name of love to help someone who is in need. 

To buy the book, go here: Love Does 


Happy New Year!