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Personal Tenacity

Throughout the Bible there are many pictures of tenacity. To push through any and every obstacle to obtain your goals isn’t a rare occasion but a common one for those who achieve them.

“Ask and keep on asking, seek and keep on seeking…” Matthew 7.

“Go to the ant thou sluggers and do likewise.” ProverbsĀ  (somewhere)

Jacob literally wrestling with the angel of God all through the night to obtain a blessing. Genesis ( somewhere )

One of the most challenging stories for me is found in 2 Kings 13:18-19.
The Prophet Elisha is nearing death and he is summoned by the king for a blessing or a word or something to encourage him about his future battles.

Elisha tells the king to take the arrows in his hand and strike the rock.

The king obeys and strikes it three times.

Elisha is completely angry that he only hit the rock three times, and more.

Elisha’s response to the king was like “because you only hit the rock three times, you will only win three battles. If you had struck the rock five or six times, you would have won the war permanently.”

Everyday you and I are given breath to do something. But casual and nonchalant effort rarely yields results.

So whatever it is you’re wanting out of your life, I encourage you to have grit and endurance, clearly in your mind.

Resolve yourself to… in the words of Winston Churchill:

Never ever ever give up.