Sin keeps getting less offensive


It’s not that my values have lowered. 

I still have high standards.

I try to live according to scripture. And I feel that God desires people to live in a way that honors Him, honors themselves and honors his purposes of creation


God knows people.

He knows their character, he knows their motivations… and even more he know His love and the death of His Son is the only power that will truly bring people into alignment with his will.

Even more, he know that no one – from the most righteous, to the most wicked will arrive at perfection in this life. 

With or without the Holy Spirit, everyone will slip and miss perfection. 

So why are we trying to attain it?

Or even more, why should we be offended at someone else’s sin? 

As I’ve become less religious — that is, less moralistic — that is, less judgmental and/or prideful based on my ability to hit or miss the mark; I’m likewise less offended when I observe the issues of others.

Sin keeps getting less offensive because I’m trying to not lose consciousness of God’s present love for me and for others. 

Offense towards self is manifested in guilt and shame. 

Offense at another sin is manifested in judgement, outrage and self-righteousness. 

Our world is changing in ways I really don’t like. However, there’s a way to respond in love, with an aroma of heaven that breaks down defenses and welcomes in an alternative reality.