So I just killed the idea that I need ______ in order to _____ God

Today I killed the idea that I need to “preach in a church” or “teach in a Christian school” in order to “minister” and/or impact people directly for purposes of Jesus Christ.

More specifically, I decided to unsubscribe from Regent University email updates about their Divinity School informational meetings and webinars, etc.

But why did I do this, and why is it important?

In short, ever since entering seminary, I’ve considered pursing and Phd in either systematic theology or church history. (Thus my subscription to Regent’s emails.) However, as of now, that idea is dead. And it’s dead not by mistake nor because of circumstances; it’s dead because I killed it. 

This decision comes after years of thinking and praying. Searching and wondering… Working in business and yet feeling guilty that I wasn’t “in ministry”; or that I wasn’t “fulfilling God’s call on my life.”

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So anyway, now I’m convinced and convicted that God is in me most, when I’m in my business. And so right here is my ministry. I need no more theological training to be better equipped to serve people the way God is currently calling me. 

// Side notes and principles:

I believe and I am learning there are various seasons in life. And seasons of study and preparation do not always flow directly as we would assume in relative activity.

Perhaps in between our preparation and production their are completely different intermediate seasons? Not for what we think we should be doing, but for what God wants us to do… From working at Starbucks, raising someone else’s child, or living in a foreign town…

Things don’t always go the way we plan, even when we have a meticulous prayed though plan… And yet still, somehow, all things work together for God’s purposes. 


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