The Screaming Confirming Directing Voice of Our Achievements

I’m noticing how addictive or seductive or how much of a fraud achievement is. 

We treat, or think of success and achievement as if it is a seal from God confirming that what we are doing is right, on-point or in His will.

What if you did something and a positive result happened? Positive like people praised you, someone paid you or some other external rewards happened. How could you not continue in that area or line of work? Especially if you did not have an alternative which would pay you similarly. 

What if you did something else yet the entire process breathed life into you? 

So you’ve got life ( emotional and perhaps spiritual ) energizing you in one area of activity, while there is this other area, that puts money in your pocket and maybe some social acceptance. 

How far are those emotional or spiritual goose bumps going to take you? 

Whose voice is louder? 

The voice of cash money; an expense budget to tantalize yourself to the nth degree? How could you give that up?

Why would you give that up? 

Couldn’t you endure drudgery to reach such a place of power? 

I bet you could even learn to change the psychology of your brain chemistry or value system in order to feel good about the vain process you’re enduring. You could justify every action and activity of comprise because the ending result would be so rewarding.

As many people have stated, there may be universal laws of success and principles that just seem to work; like breaking down the process of mitosis — the cunning have learned a repeatable process of bringing and even creating material prosperity.

And of course all of life is about prosperity. 

God said it, Abraham confirmed it and that settles it right?

( Can I mention the thousands or millions of people living and eventually dying in poverty believing in the same God – but whose circumstances will never fit those so called principles or laws… No? Ok, I’ll leave that out. )

There are laws that govern success and many claim to have them – but who controls the law of the human heart? The deep seated testimony of wholistic alignment that is possible for attainment by every human ( or really every Christian ) in spite of circumstances?

What principle speaks to that?

When no one is around and you can’t get a ounce of prestige — and still you’re drawn towards that other area? 

What do we do with that internal and unpopular sensation?

What is the point of it? Is it a fluke? An anomaly? Like an appearance of a rainbow — beautiful in it’s discovery but completely unattainable, unreachable and impractical.

I don’t know about you, but I live for achievement. Not for purpose or meaning. (Note: I’m speaking about actions not motives.) I’ve come to live for external signs that wipe away the anxieties caused by the cares of this world. Floating down like gifts on parachutes, that pay check or closed sale speaking to my need for acceptance or guidance or direction. 

And when I can’t seem to hear from God – two or three zeros following a positive integer will do just fine. 

Lord forgive me.