The Top 4 Places I DON’T Want to Be

1. Email

Email is a place we often go, to get direction or input from someone else. It has become an instinct, a learned behavior or habit that we just fall into.

Bosses or clients, employees or whomever “may” have something for us to know or to do… But then again, hundreds of advertisers are there as well trying to persuade us into desiring their wares or widgets. 

If I have to go to there —- it should be as short as possible and focused with my own agenda, not reacting to what I find. 

2. Busy

Busyness is a deceptive place. A snake in sheep’s clothing. 99% of people I speak to, when I say I am “busy” congratulate me? This is ridiculous!

Some even have the nerve to say something like, “it’s better than the alternative”. Or they may ask, “is it a good busy or bad busy?” 

To me there’s no difference. There is no good busy. Busyness means, “full”, “occupied” or “excessively detained.”

I personally always need “room”. I need margin, mentally, physically and psychologically.

To respond to new opportunities with creativity, or to crisis with a clear and thoughtful mind and not having all the balls drop. This requires me to not ever be excessively detained.  

I know busyness cannot always be avoided, but let’s stop calling it a virtual or sign of success or productivity.

3. The 4th Quadrant

In Steven Covey’s Time Management Matrix, he describes four places or quadrants people spend their time. Q1- Urgent/Important, Q2- Not Urgent/Important, Q3 – Urgent / Non-Important, Q4- Not Urgent / Not Important. 

I’m noticing this cycle in myself and in others. It’s a see-saw between the Q1 and Q4. Q1 are crises; urgent and important; not optional.  When everything is past due and you’re always putting out fires… We long for the time when we can escape; veg out… We go to Q4.

Q4 is doing things neither important nor urgent. We may call it “me time”. But it’s TV, Facebook, etc. 

Of course this is not bad. Unless we are neglecting other areas, namely Q2’s- the important things that are not screaming, not urgent yet..

But if these Q2’s are not taken care of, they will turn into crises. 

Think about it. We know much of what we need to do, but we’re either in emergency mode or zoned out me time mode. 

I find the amount of time I spend in the 4th quadrant revealing. If I’m always escaping, putting my brain in neutral — it’s likely I’m really avoid the important things

4. Regret

So this morning I’ve used this blog as an exercise to process my thoughts and then share them with you. Now it’s time to act on what I’ve written. Right or wrong, the main thing is action, effort and persistence.

But if I hit the publish button, start checking email or Facebook… Tonight or tomorrow, next week or next year I’ll look back over this day and wind up in this last place. 

Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. 

Create a great day!