We Use Our Faith When Money Isn’t Available

I challenge you to notice the next 5 times you apply faith or prayer to a need or area.

Personally, I am noticing how often I use faith/prayer simply because money is not available. Thus if I had access to money I would not likely need to pray. I would spend the money.

So far I am not judging this - whether its right or wrong, faithless or trusting… I know of preachers who state faith as “heavens’ currency.” I don’t feel totally comfortable with that statement - but to each his own…

I know God wants us to trust him more than money. But I also know God wants us to work and be faithful stewards - multiplying our efforts/talents, etc. I also know laziness coupled with a skewed faith spoken in pious speech can be an attractive option as well.

So anyway, I’ll just keep trusting God as best I can - asking him to bless my work, and bless me outside my work. But what is your take on this?