Why Isn’t a Happy Home Enough?

The other day I asked myself the question, why isn’t a happy home enough?

Healthy children who love you, a spouse that respects and trust you — why can’t that be enough?

The scenario is very familiar: the successful person who gets his dreams but loses his soul or forfeits his most important relationships. 

They built a lifestyle of neglecting important relationships in pursuit of a dream. 

Why isn’t a happy family satisfying?

Why aren’t we content with what we have when we actually have good stuff?

Why can’t the journey have self-acceptance and healthy pride as defined by God and not a comparison to an ideal or another?

When we search for fulfillment outside of a base or foundation of satisfaction and contentment we aimlessly try to fill our void with fleeting joys. 

The devil’s most common temptations are for things we already have.

I sense pursuing a goal from a place of contentness and wholeness makes the journey and the arrival better for us and everyone we love. 

Show love- in time and attention this weekend to the people who mean the most to you.  

That’s #dyingempty