Originator or Regurgitator?

I find an incredible book…

It has boat load of golden nuggets. Keys that unlock titanimum doors through which hold the yellow brick road towards my dreams’ manifestation.

Or at least a cool way to pay this month’s bills. 🙂

A guy like me wants to immediately tell the world! Share this truth that I just discovered. 

Tweet the quote. Write a blog or email to my list so they can implement this idea as well.

No, I’m not even acting like it’s mine. I gladly share where I learned it from.

Then it hits me…”why am I reguritating another person’s ideas as compared to pioneering my own…

Why be a curator? A retweeter. A middle man. Why not be an orginator!?”

But check it, then another reality hits me: “there is nothing new under the sun” (Ecc. 1:9). 

NO ONE has original ideas or thoughts. Everything new truth is some what recycled. 

Check it – 

If you’ve ever done some thorough research on a topic I’m sure you’ll notice common ideas and stories being spoken over and over again. Sometimes they are presented in a different package. But all in all, it’s the same idea. 

And so, even though this new truth isn’t necessarily original, to the specific people I interact with may – it may be gold. Thus whether or not I came up with it, my value increases because I’ve become a blessing to them. They don’t care who came up with – but they are glad they received it and they’re glad I didn’t keep to to myself, but I shared it.