You Should NEVER Be Fair!

There are a two different views or rules of life that we can live by. (1). We can sow what we have reaped. Or (2). We can sow what we wish to reap!

I was recently advised to manage my team as to help them “get what they deserve.” And that operating by cause and effect is simply being  ”fair”.  

However, I have a problem with this… I don’t think I’ve been treated fair, so why should I treat others this way??

I spent 6 years in undergrad and failed over 25 classes. In my final semester before graduation, it would have been fair for the computer science teacher to fail me since I truly deserved an F. 

However, he didn’t. He gave me mercy and I got a C-. (or something like that). 

Likewise, I’ve gone through the majority of my life as a slacker; struggling here and there because of my own decisions. And even though I have had to deal with the consequence, I can’t say it’s been ‘fair’.

God has blessed me beyond what I deserve. And I am currently reaping blessings that I can’t take credit for. 

Thus, when someone whom slacks or p’s me off. How should I treat them? 

As a Christian, I’m called to recognize the grace extended to me and extend the same amount to those around me. I’m called to remember where I came from. Remember how I would be without grace and mercy and forgiveness. I’m called to be grateful and never forget.

I’m never called to be fair. Never called to make judgements. But to make declarations and pronouncements of blessings and compassion in hopes that through goodness received they might make changes for the better.