AI Policy

How I use AI in my content creation and professional operations.

By default I use two AI-powered apps on a daily basis.

Mem and Augment are two AI apps that are integrated in my daily workflow. Mem is a note taking “second brain” that dynamically pulls past content to the forefront and can generate new content and conversations based on past notes that I have saved to it.

Augment is an AI that working in my MacOS to capture anything it sees or hears. Learn more about both of these on my AI Tools page.


ChatGPT is used on my phone and desktop for various tasks and requests. Chat history & training option is turned ON allowing message to be used in OpenAI’s training.


I’ve built CustomGPTs to execute specific tasks and workflows that are directly customer facing. Currently all CustomGPTs are private and not shared. The box, “Use conversation data in your GPT to improve our models” is UNCHECKED.

Content & Communication


I have developed at CustomGPT to reproduce my style, tone, and format of email copywriting. Trained on my past emails as well as a collection of writing from some of my marketing mentors.

Whenever I choose to publish writings using this GPT, I sign the content with ARVL+. The “+” signifying that the article was AI-assisted.


Whenever I Midjourney or Dall-E-3 for image generation, I credit the image based on the source. Same for Unsplash or any source that I do not own.


I do not have a policy for identifying AI used in conversational marketing. ie, chatbots. I feel like it will be quite clear that any chatbot conversation is not me in a live conversation.

Similarly with autoreponders or email marketing to a broad audience. Scripts or broadcast messages do not need to be identified that it is not an individual message.

If I feel there is confusion I will revisit and update this policy.