Years ago, when adulthood was first budding and aspirations were as tall as mountains I dreamed of writing books.

In my early years of college I was swept away by a world of inspirational writing that claimed I could be different; even better than who I was.

Those marketers of the imagination and heart persuaded me to be believe I could achieve great things with my little life.

From that moment I knew, no matter what I did for a living, in addition to making money I would eventually write, speak and build organizations that would develop people.

The first step was always to write a book. 

But it’s been over 10 years since those euphoric days and I’ve yet to have a book completed. Last year I even told me myself to stop trying to do anything special, but just finish one “bad book”.

I’m still working on that bad book.

Then came 2013, the year I would finally DO STUFF. Make and ship stuff! 

I decided to leave the grand ideas for the TED speakers while I just did small and simple things. 

How about, instead of writing a book – publish ONE PAGE!

Yep, it’s not a book, an iPhone app or non-profit organization.

It’s a poster— taken from a blog post I wrote called: “If it’s important.”

Below is a link to view or  buy it

If you wish to support my efforts, please buy it or share it. 

And if you can tweet or email me a photo of it on your wall, I promise to give you my next product for free. (Likely a t-shirt.. or maybe that bad book.)

If It's Important - POSTER