Doing Nothing and Functional Atheism

Is doing something better than nothing?
Is action always better than inactivity?

I recently remembered the phase: ‘functional atheism’.

With thoughts always on doing something, productivity and success, there naturally becomes an abstinence on the reality and involvement of God.

If we stop doing, does that mean nothing is happening?

We may believe that God exists, but function as if everything is depends on our activity. 


//— backstory — //

Yesterday morning I was running late getting to work and I remembered that I had not taken time to pray and commune with God. 

I pulled off into a parking lot and started to run though my devotional list of things to do.

It was very hard. 

I was bombarded with the need to work. The need to keep my projects moving forward. The remembrance that I was on vacation for two weeks and play time was now over. 

If I didn’t put in as much time as possible, how could I have any confidence that my clients would be content or that my business will continue to be successful. 

I don’t have anyone in my company who works like me. No one takes responsibility like I do. 

Everything goes through me and so, when I don’t work things go stagnate. 

Blah blah blah. Thus were the thoughts the flooded my head…

I can’t say the pray time was rich and effervescent. But I did stick with it. I didn’t gave up. 

My confidence and faith were weak, but I submitted it and conflicted heart to God the best way I could.

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