PERSPECTIVE : I went to Nashville once


I use to write songs and wanted to see if I had the chops to get approval from Nashville.

They told me some songs like mine were suited best for the genre: friends and family.

I never went back.

Today recalling the event, I see it in a new perspective.

I can say “I went to Nashville once” the same way another person can say “I started a business once”. Or “I applied for a job using my degree once.”

And then of course, our story leads into what we now do and perhaps how former plans were just unrealistic dreams.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t have regrets; just perspective. 

I’ve spent the past 6 years running a business that consistently provides for my family and partially provides for a few others. 

I have hardly any remembrance of the many people who denied me their business. Not that it didn’t happen, but because it has happened so many times and yet, I move forward to the next possible yes.

My friend Roger went to Nashville once. 

And after a few years he packed up a moved back to Tulsa. 

But then, three months ago, unlike me, he moved back and returned to Nashville. 

Perspective shows me now, only the things we’re willing to fail at and try again are we worthy of having.