Habits and Structures Govern Earth while Sensitivity and Spontenaety Reflect Heaven

I’ve tried but I can’t seem to do it. That is, manage God. And when I think I’ve got him all figured out he breaks free from what I thought I knew. But myself? I work better when I have healthy and holy habits. Most people do. Even when our structure is chaos to others - when it is predictable to ourselves we have more peace and security. So to maximize our own lives, we need to put in place structures, goals, direction and order. Now back to God. I find the best way to keep in step with Him is be ready for the unexpected. We know we are to love people, but normally the setting and timing will not be according to our time table. (See the Good Samaritan story) So if we can be ready and sensitive to both the Spirit’s leading and people’s needs - especially at inconvenient times I believe we’ll release and reflect heaven.