Humps and Buckles

“Its Time To Get Over The Hump”

This is my word to you for 2010.

(Perhaps I’m just projecting on you what I believe the year is for me… Well so be it! If the shoe fits, then don’t trip!)

I can’t say I’ve had many humps in my past or mountains that I’ve become too familiar with. But lately, (2 years or so) there seems to be unhealthy patterns that have come a gone at a rhythmic rate. And not by coincidence either.

In Matthew 4, Jesus confronts the Devil and wins. But the enemy is said to leave for “a season.” I’m seeing that pressures come in waves and seasons trying to get us to buckle under their weight and return to old patterns of living.

These patterns can be either unhealthy or just not ideal for where God wants us to go. So every time we buckle under these weights we revert back to the bottom, to inch our way up the same hill or hump.

But perhaps 2010 could be the year we no longer succumb to the stress and pressures. And rather press on for dear life to make it to a new level – closer to the destiny we were birthed for. That is my prayer for you.

Godspeed to your own unique journey, challenges and dreams.