Life Lessons From Old Folk

I have a grandfather.

Like most grandparents there is a trait that most stands out similar to others in their old age.

He speaks his mind!

Completely, unemotionally and without bias. He will tell you about yourself; at least according to his not-so-humble opinion. But there is a second trait that the elderly have which is not noticeable to the eye but it stood out to me via scripture.

{John 8 is the reference.} The story is of a woman is caught in adultery and brought to Jesus for confirmation of their condemnation.

Jesus, instead of affirming their judgment asks that the person who is without sin casts the first stone. And so the story goes, all the accusers drop their rocks and walk aways “STARTING WITH THE OLDEST down to the youngest.”

I love it. Most people think of the elderly as being the most wise, the most experienced, and most discerning.

Now that could be true. But what about them being the most aware of their own brokenness and sinful nature. And with that realization they are the first to drop their judgment on others. I wonder what would happen in our lives and relationships, if we who are young and think so highly of ourselves – would gain such a perspective before we get old.

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