How important is an engaged heart?

Whether it comes from a reaction to an injustice, a shake up after reading a good book, or brokenness after an exposed failure…

( I’m starting to think God may be speaking to us thru our hearts activity. And when we go weeks, months or years without an ounce of inner stirring or passionate conflict – we could seriously be out of step with His plans. )

Question: Does our emotional heart signify that we are truly alive? Does it reflect a life accurately responding to the DNA of God written on our soul?

When I survey the past 10 years of my adult life, I recall that my most defining moments were marked by my heart – completely engaged.

Not by blessings or curses. Not by successes or failures; and not by dreams coming true. It was an engaged heart.

Many things can excite me, or make me happy or sad. But not many things activate my heart.

So now my super-practical-wanna-be in control mind is thinking… “How can I invoke my heart on purpose?” Or is it even possible? And if it is possible – what will it cost me?

Should I continue to live taking up space, inhaling and releasing recycled ideas and dreams?

( Recycled ideas and dreams are oh so cheap! You can buy them on paperback for as low as $4.99. And sometimes w / no shipping at! )

But what about taking time out of my busy life – daily – and unlocking my heart. Could that be the missing part to my unfinished songs, weak-willed commitments, and impassioned relationships? 

Could it also keep me away from the false, the fleeting, and the superficial frills that increase the vanity of my daily existence.

Yeah… I don’t know either.

But I think it’s worth searching out.