The Cost and The Kingdom


Lubricating the dry moments

Upon arriving to work, I think the first thing done should be something pleasurable – satisfying and possibly meaningful.

Now, I proceed meaningful with “possibly” because it’s clearly the least important of the three. 

The first two will emphatically affect our mood or feelings and conjure up positive juices that can lubricate the dry moments of our day. 

“Meaningful” things, like those of “value” and “importance” are often only cerebral — they connect with the part of us that works only when all is undisturbed and serene; when there is no commotion nor distress.

When all we do is mental but not heart or emotionally felt we are living out of our false self with a large part of our nature buried below these facts of life.

In the normal world, when life is often chaotic, decisions are made in the moment while our buttons are being pushed, we don’t always feel those predetermined values impacting our day, our psyche or our emotions. 

And I believe our emotions are important. Our mood, perspective and intuition are all as important as our values. 

Now of course, our values should and can directly affect that which brings us pleasure and satisfaction. But in the times when they do not, having sprinkled our morning with a favorite yet often neglected activity can create momentum towards productivity and efficency.

In my multi-tasking world, it’s hard to sustain a high level of enthusiasm when I start off focusing purely on priorities. Eventually I’ll dry out and simply want to check-off to-dos instead of doing my best work. 

Even worse, if I have built the habit of procrastinating my personal joys, (aka being disciplined for the sake of the goal with no eye on enjoying the journey) I can work for days, weeks or months suppressing my internal needs for an unknown future. 

Does this make sense? 

I’m just saying… to do some small pleasures first every day…  to enjoy the journey even in small bite sized pieces will not only help our sanity, but it can improve the respective day as well.

Your thoughts? Please share.


Inspiration Wants Your Time and Attention

Being an entpreprenuer gives both freedom and responsibility. I am free to use my time toward personal activities, business development, spiritual reflections or procrastination. It’s all my choice. 

As I become more successful and my responsibilities increase. And when the expectations of others increase — only the loudest voices get heard. (Up until a personal crisis, my own voice rarely makes a sound) Time and attention need to be managed inline with our values and goals — not based on survival or responding to the urgencies of others.

To today, I’m not making excuses but giving myself permission to work on the projects and activities that align with my priorities. I don’t think my world will collapse if my phone and email remain shut for three or four hours. As a matter of fact, after giving it a little attention – my inner world will probably begin to come alive.

Just giving ourselves adequate time will help nurture our dreams and passions to come back alive. I think it’s easier to manage time than inspiration or motivation. We might wait weeks or months for inspiration to force us out of our normal routine. But all inspiration wanted was some time and attention. 


Pay Attention To Your Energy ~¤~

I’m not trying to be New-Agee. But I’m just responding to a truth that I am presently learning. God has built us in such unique ways that our calling is not just an external / spiritual / cosmic ‘wish’, but it is a reality that is written on the fabric of our DNA.

Most of the things we do in life, we do them because they are the ‘smart’ thing to do. They are ‘wise’. They help us get to the next step. We do them because they fit into one of the hundreds of slots that society or religion tells us is right.

However, the problem is that we don’t believe that we are unique. We look for formulas to guide our life instead of God. (Ok, maybe it’s just me who’s read everything from Robert Kiyosaki, Steven Covey to Napoleon Hill.. But I really don’t think so). But anyway, I recently began believing (with the help of mentors) that my life and makeup is original. And in my originality, God has actually been speaking to me throughout my entire life, both pre and post Christian conversion.

One of the ways God speaks to all people about their eternally purposed design is in the activities and events that breathe life back into them. No, we’re not suppose to suppress joy and fulfillment for a perceived higher purpose. God’s higher purposes will include our personal enjoyment. We should be doing things that cause our very core to become more energized after the activity than it was before! Have you ever paid attention to the things that energize you, the things that do nothing, and the things that drain you? Have you confused success and achievements with feeling genuinely alive and in touch with your destiny?

For the next week, (especially at work) why don’t you start paying attention to your energy and see if God is speaking. Let me know what you find out… And we’ll discuss this more next time.

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You’re Not Going To Always Be Inspired

Nor in the mood to follow through with what you’ve set out to do.

For most people, they live and work within the obligations of others. And so for the sake of their pride or their job, they some how find the strength to press on and get the job done.

But then there are the other types. People like us who somewhat answer to no one. At least in the area of our dreams that we are quietly pursuing. And so the problem with us is, since no one’s making us or threatening us, we can always change our mind and/or procrastinate. And if your hustle, your dream, your “thing” requires a little creativity – you can also make the excuse of a “lack of inspiration”.

Here’s two things I’ve learned from watching other people who have a self-driven commitment and follow-through. 1). Inspiration will often not be there but you still must create. A lifetime of consistancy beats random one hit wonders.

2). Some of your greatest works will come when you’re not inspired! Though they may not mean a lot to you at the time, they can still be inspiring and enlightening to others.


Passion… The Substance of Courage

“Once you have a mission, you do not need permission.”

I recall first reading that statement in 2002 while reading an excellent book called, “Seizing Your Divine Moment” by Erwin McManus.

From that day and until now- every time I think about it- it liberates me. I’m invigorated to live free.

I believe that most people (including myself) do not move forward at times in their life because of a of lack passion. A mission, drive or inspiration.

We are waiting for permission. Waiting to buy this, pay off this. We’re waiting for our kids to graduate high school, or college, or move out, or be born!

We’re waiting for the economy to turn around- for our bosses to recognize us. We wait because we wanting somebody else, something else, something outside of our control to change.

Like faith is the substance of hope, I see passion as the substance of courage.

We all know that courage is not the absence of fear, but it moves beyond fear. But how does it move? What gives it the ability to move? I believe that comes from passion.

Passion can create a healthy tunnel vision that ignore obstacles, nay-sayers, and even our past failures.

Are you a passionate person? Do you have the guts to let your inner interests bubble out and spill onto others?

Passionate people are very rare. You cannot mistake a passionate person. They will either inspire you or offend you. (Or perhaps a bit of both. )

So anyway – on this morning, as I sip an Americano, listen to podcasts, and prepare to do some real work…I’m once again trying to see how I can take what I’m already passionate about, and add it to my business…

What are you passionate about?


How important is an engaged heart?

Whether it comes from a reaction to an injustice, a shake up after reading a good book, or brokenness after an exposed failure…

( I’m starting to think God may be speaking to us thru our hearts activity. And when we go weeks, months or years without an ounce of inner stirring or passionate conflict – we could seriously be out of step with His plans. )

Question: Does our emotional heart signify that we are truly alive? Does it reflect a life accurately responding to the DNA of God written on our soul?

When I survey the past 10 years of my adult life, I recall that my most defining moments were marked by my heart – completely engaged.

Not by blessings or curses. Not by successes or failures; and not by dreams coming true. It was an engaged heart.

Many things can excite me, or make me happy or sad. But not many things activate my heart.

So now my super-practical-wanna-be in control mind is thinking… “How can I invoke my heart on purpose?” Or is it even possible? And if it is possible – what will it cost me?

Should I continue to live taking up space, inhaling and releasing recycled ideas and dreams?

( Recycled ideas and dreams are oh so cheap! You can buy them on paperback for as low as $4.99. And sometimes w / no shipping at! )

But what about taking time out of my busy life – daily – and unlocking my heart. Could that be the missing part to my unfinished songs, weak-willed commitments, and impassioned relationships? 

Could it also keep me away from the false, the fleeting, and the superficial frills that increase the vanity of my daily existence.

Yeah… I don’t know either.

But I think it’s worth searching out.