You’re Not Going To Always Be Inspired

Nor in the mood to follow through with what you’ve set out to do.

For most people, they live and work within the obligations of others. And so for the sake of their pride or their job, they some how find the strength to press on and get the job done.

But then there are the other types. People like us who somewhat answer to no one. At least in the area of our dreams that we are quietly pursuing. And so the problem with us is, since no one’s making us or threatening us, we can always change our mind and/or procrastinate. And if your hustle, your dream, your “thing” requires a little creativity – you can also make the excuse of a “lack of inspiration”.

Here’s two things I’ve learned from watching other people who have a self-driven commitment and follow-through. 1). Inspiration will often not be there but you still must create. A lifetime of consistancy beats random one hit wonders.

2). Some of your greatest works will come when you’re not inspired! Though they may not mean a lot to you at the time, they can still be inspiring and enlightening to others.