I Do Not Believe In Fairy Tales

It’s not that happily ever after doesn’t happen; it does.
And it’s not that rags-to-riches turnarounds don’t occur; they do.

But I think somehow we’ve come to believe that some lucky people can make it through life without real hardships. Our eyes have become dull to reality and redirected toward our hopes and wishes. We think that there is a way to escape the universal depravity which infects every sphere and strata of our existence.

So, there will be difficulty. There will not only be unexpected hardships, but there will very likely be incredibly heart wrenching challenges to overcome and pitfalls that we will have to crawl out of.

And if by chance, we find such luck that we ourselves are not the victims, I guarantee you that among the people we most love and care about there will be victims – and we’ll have to walk through it with them.


I don’t think fairy tales are real.

Happily ever after? Yes, definitely! I believe in the triumph. I believe in victory at all costs. But there are always casualties in war that no one speaks of publicly.

Many times it’s not just the difficulty of our circumstances that cripple us. No, it’s the expectations that we had. Our theology. Our thoughts about God. 

We just KNEW, (or perhaps we were taught) that if we lived right, prayed right, and believed unwaveringly, that “big” problems would not come our way. So, when they do show up, we’re devastated. We’re shattered. And now we have to recreate reality. We don’t know what’s real anymore, since our reality was…you know…a fairy tale. 

But I do believe in happily ever after. 

I believe that through the storms of life, through whatever difficulties we encounter, God is faithful to those who trust in Him. Not trusting that things will go our way. Not trusting that everything will work out according to our wishes, but trusting that God is good, and that he is love, and that in the end he will work things our for our good – and ultimately for His own glory.