The Carpenter Who Built A House Without The Foundation

What does it take to drop a principle or piece of wisdom 12 inches from your head to your heart?

For over a month now and friend and I have been reading the 24 chapters from the book of Luke every week. The first three or four times I really hadn’t got anything from it. I’ve been focusing on finishing the readings as opposed to gaining any insights from it.

Then around my fifth time or so, it’s started challenging me. Last week a certain verse popped out at me and slapped me in the face. I was just telling my sister-n-law about a new mind set I was developing and now I see it’s about 180 degrees off from an admonishment of Jesus!

Oops!? I’ve read this book many other scriptures for years. Some principles I have memorized. Some have been transcribed to my Moleskine. But unfortunately, most haven’t come anywhere near my heart – nor changed the way I live.

In Luke 6, Jesus talks about the carpenter who built a house but didn’t lay any the foundation. He says people who hear Him but don’t change, have structures built on sand and unable to withstand storms. I guess I’ve always assumed since I’ve obeyed the major (imo) sayings of Jesus, I don’t have to sweat every single command.

But now, after a recent storm, I’m peering into my foundation and I see that it’s incredibly thin. It has many unfinished areas, missing parts, and a few fractured sections. In certain departments I’ve talked a good game but haven’t been able to carry the weight of the words to completion. Head-knowledge, quotable quotes, and a life principles are easy to come by. But to live by them – it takes time; it takes meditation, reflection, and lots of repetition.

John Maxwell in Failing Forward says, “you know you’ve learned a lesson when your actions change.” Apostle Paul says, “Godly sorrow brings about behavior modifications.” (My paraphrase).

Tim Story puts learning and growth as going from “revelation, to conviction, to movement.” That until information make us move it will always be vain.

Vanity is sweating, when you should resting. Vanity is living by the slogan: “fake it, til you make it.”

Vanity is building a life with no foundation.