Passion… The Substance of Courage

“Once you have a mission, you do not need permission.”

I recall first reading that statement in 2002 while reading an excellent book called, “Seizing Your Divine Moment” by Erwin McManus.

From that day and until now- every time I think about it- it liberates me. I’m invigorated to live free.

I believe that most people (including myself) do not move forward at times in their life because of a of lack passion. A mission, drive or inspiration.

We are waiting for permission. Waiting to buy this, pay off this. We’re waiting for our kids to graduate high school, or college, or move out, or be born!

We’re waiting for the economy to turn around- for our bosses to recognize us. We wait because we wanting somebody else, something else, something outside of our control to change.

Like faith is the substance of hope, I see passion as the substance of courage.

We all know that courage is not the absence of fear, but it moves beyond fear. But how does it move? What gives it the ability to move? I believe that comes from passion.

Passion can create a healthy tunnel vision that ignore obstacles, nay-sayers, and even our past failures.

Are you a passionate person? Do you have the guts to let your inner interests bubble out and spill onto others?

Passionate people are very rare. You cannot mistake a passionate person. They will either inspire you or offend you. (Or perhaps a bit of both. )

So anyway – on this morning, as I sip an Americano, listen to podcasts, and prepare to do some real work…I’m once again trying to see how I can take what I’m already passionate about, and add it to my business…

What are you passionate about?