How Would You Live Differently If You Were Rich?


“What would you do differently with your time or life if you were rich?”

This is a classic question in self-help literature.

Other examples are, “what would you do for a living, if every job paid the exact same amount.” Or “what could you do for 6-8 hours  everyday, and when you’re finished even if you’re physically tired, you are emotionally or mentally energized?”

I’ve been speaking to myself a new version that goes, “how would I behave differently if I trusted God.” i.e. If I didn’t worry about lack, or get anxious about the unknown.

I recall at least twice in the past few years, I decided to “fast” worrying for a week. Of course that sounds silly. Like, after you go a week without worrying why would you ever stop!!??

Well… to me, much of my worrying and anxiety is closely related to having a pulse or control of the various details of things that matter. I feel like I am being a wise steward because I am thinking about what is going on, pondering what might happen, and strategizing how I can protect a situation from going wrong.

But no matter what positive spin I put on it, it still results in worry and anxiety. 

And so back to my new phrase, ‘what if I trusted God. How would I behave differently?’

The key here is not only to answer the question. 

It’s not about having ideas, making SMART goals or pasting pictures of dreams on walls. 

Just like the question, ‘what would you do if you were rich.’ I’m realizing that the purpose of the question is not to answer it, but to start acting like it’s true.

Outside the fact that you may not have the money to travel the world or buy fancy cars… the real crux is how you would live your life if you weren’t worrying about survival.

If I trusted God, not only would I worry-less or not at all, but my behavior would be such that I would do things that were really important! 

The problem with the ‘what if you were rich’ question is that it assumes money is your answer. 

The real problem is that you don’t trust or don’t know God. 

I don’t really know God. 

Knowing God goes beyond intellect. 

Knowing is intimate.

And intimacy with God is transformative. 

And transformed people transform people. 

There is a logical perspective. A consciousness very common to man. 
Within this realm lies all the practical wisdom available within a few key strokes of Google.

But the way to live or die empty isn’t found within a Google search. 

Living by faith, or living with trust or authentically or living with an engaged heart is the life I’m seeking after.

If I were rich, perhaps the money would be a distraction.

Either way, I think we need to stop asking questions, and just start living and using what we have to do what’s important today.