Three Millionaires on God, Purpose & Our Work


Over the past few weeks I’ve had the privilege of sitting in the company of a few very successful business owners. I even high five’d a billionaire during my morning run last Saturday, but that’s didn’t turn into any conversation… not this time. 😉 

So as I listened to these men, each said a phrases or conveyed ideas that will stick with me for quite sometime.

One thing I am always trying to balance or figure out is how the pursuit for success fits with the pursuit to completely live out the life and calling of God. Now I do realize and am learning that there is no perfect answer, nor a simple solution – but that doesn’t stop me from asking questions and looking for new ideas. 

So here are three very different ideas that each help me and I hope will be helpful to you…

1. Balance your life; not your day or week

Success or achievement rarely happens while trying to be balanced. Trying to give every area equal time and energy will keep everything at a mediocre or status quo level. Success happens from a consuming passion and an all out focus. And then, after a level of success is obtained, or failures happen, the person then surveys their life and begin spreading their time and wealth in areas neglected or lacking.

This realization I got from the movie: The Ultimate Life, which may still be in theaters. The movie is a fiction, but my conversation was the guy who wrote the book from which the movie was taken.

 Balance your life; not your day or week

2. Find God’s nature in your choice of work

He was originally a pastor, but later created, bought and sold over a hundred business and isn’t even 50 years old yet. He said when he decided to create his first business he wanted to choose a industry or service in which he could see God’s nature. And for him that originally was the staffing business.

In whatever work we do, if we can find God’s nature in our chosen field, we then can give ourselves wholeheartedly to it. It doesn’t have to be a non-profit or missions work to feel we are making a difference. 

From the movie Chariots of Fire:  ”I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure.”

Find God’s nature in your choice of work

3. Use your business as the vehicle to express all your God given talents and gifts

When I spoke with this particular millionaire, he explained how when he was young, he was involved in many different projects. However, there came a point when he had to make a decision and commit to his main business and let all his other projects go. Now, twenty years and six million dollars later, he is finding his one business is the vehicle to express all of his ideas, gifts and talents.

The key here of course is the trust, the commitment and focus. The bonus is the faithfulness of God. Everything you dream can be expressed through a business that has been invested in long enough to reach maturuty. 

Use your business as the vehicle to express all your God given talents and gifts


I hope one or of few of these ideas inspires you with your work, dreams or business or life with God. 

Create a Great Day!