Hustlin’ Jesus

Most people that I know who “hustle” or even use the word in their vernacular do it for one of two reasons: 1) Their day job doesn’t pay as much as they’d like so they need to hustle/gig/freelance every chance they get for more money.

Or 2) Their day job/life isn’t satisfying so they hustle to try to get that missing part fulfilled. Now me?

Well I’m probably both of these two combined. But today I started thinking about hustlin’ Jesus. Or in other words; spending that extra time in my nights and weekends pushing / promoting something (or someone) that won’t add to my bank account on earth but would increase my net worth in heaven.

When we talk about contentment – we normally tie that to our concepts of “purpose” which are often just the glorification of ourselves… So what if instead of bringing myself fulfillment thru self-exaltation – I lifted up the name of King of Kings? Most of us live compromised lives from 9-5. We do what we gotta do because we gotta do it. Sacrifice for the sake of security. But I see its the spare time where we exercise our wills, dreams, and true self.

We hustle to make our dreams come true. But I feel like its time to start hustlin’ Jesus so that His dreams would come true.